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Thank you for tuning into the Let's Fix Construction podcast.  This is an avenue to offer creative solutions, separate myths from facts and erase misconceptions about the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. Please visit our website at

Nov 28, 2017

Co-founders of Let's Fix Construction, Eric D. Lussier and Cherise Lakeside introduce the Young Professionals Day workshop. Cherise speaks about getting involved as a young professional (commonly identified as 35 years old or younger) herself in the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) industry.

Cherise was the lead instructor for the official Young Professional's Day at CONSTRUCT (CSI's annual conference and affiliated tradeshow in 2015, 2016 and 2017) and goes into the background of how "YP Day" came about and her involvement.

As a former participant in Young Professionals Day, Eric speaks on the speed mentoring session that typically transpires and identifies the need for young professionals to get up speed not only as fast as possible, but faster than possible.

Introduction: By Mel Allen

Theme: "Let's" is performed by Milton Busker