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Thank you for tuning into the Let's Fix Construction podcast.  This is an avenue to offer creative solutions, separate myths from facts and erase misconceptions about the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. Please visit our website at

Feb 2, 2018

Co-founders of Let's Fix Construction, Eric D. Lussier and Cherise Lakeside, open by discussing the movie 'Groundhog Day' and its premise of reliving the same day over and over again is much like construction and how we do the same things over and over again and expect different results: the definition of insanity!

Cherise kicks off by talking about how one of her major peeves is the lack of coordination with keynotes on the architectural drawings and the disconnect between the design team and the architectural specifier or whomever is taking lead on the standards.

Eric's first Groundhog Day insanity is how the typical building product marketer leads off a typical sales call by regurgitating marketing speak: the age of their company, how they've never had a product failure and how wonderful their warranty is. Meanwhile, they aren't achieving what they should be tackling: ensuring that they answer the questions and delivering the answers that the designer wants to hear. Cherise is able to offer the importance of billable time when it comes to her role as an architectural specifier and how crucial observing timeframes are when she allocates 15 minutes to a building product marketer who is making a sales call.

Coordination with consultants and Division 01 General Requirements, a topic that is touched on in the Let's Fix Construction Episode 3 ( is echoed as the next part of Groundhog Day insanity. This topic was what kicked off Cherise's public speaking career and is an LFC workshop:

Eric closes the podcast by discussing his biggest issues that he deals with as a sports flooring subcontractor: concrete moisture and condition of the concrete. For 12 years, Eric deems concrete as the bane of his existence and seemingly from job to job, he deals with the same issues with concrete. He suggests that having a conversation about expectations up front will save lots of headaches and money at the 11th hour.

Podcast Introduction and Outro By Mel Allen

Podcast Theme: "Let's" is performed by Milton Busker