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Thank you for tuning into the Let's Fix Construction podcast.  This is an avenue to offer creative solutions, separate myths from facts and erase misconceptions about the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. Please visit our website at

Sep 18, 2018

Co-founders of Let's Fix Construction, Eric D. Lussier and Cherise Lakeside, host the latest episode and start talking about the Summer construction season

Summers as a contractor, as Eric's company is, is typically filled with project management and the physical construction of a building. However, this Summer of 2018 was filled with a heavy bidding climate for Eric, as well as many other contractors that he spoke with. Cherise, in contrast, who works in a design studio, found that 2018 has found that projects are not bidding when they would typically bid. Owners are looking for alternative methods to save money and get their projects built, including looking for alternative schedule to build.

As a finish trade, Eric bemoans how the construction schedule typically squeezes the Division 9 contractors, especially the flooring guy, who are forced to work with other trades in the room in sub-par conditions such as non-weather tight rooms or with HVACs not running.

The skilled labor workforce is discussed briefly as Eric spoke to a large Northeast General Contractor who is tackling not one, but two large projects in Burlington, Vermont. They presently don't envision having a labor problem themselves, but they do foresee that many of their specialty subcontractors will have issues staffing their work. The wages are out there, especially on prevailing wage projects.

Turning the page on the Summer, Fall is quickly approaching. Typically in September, CSI's annual convention and affiliated tradeshow, CONSTRUCT is held. Eric and Cherise met at CONSTRUCT in Phoenix in 2012 and then went on to attend Nashville in 2013, Baltimore in 2014, St. Louis in 2015, Austin in 2016 and Providence in 2017.

This year CONSTRUCT moves to October 3rd to the 5th in Long Beach, California and is coming up in just two short weeks. As Eric and Cherise outlined previously on the Let's Fix Construction blog, they find themselves quite busy in 2018:

A new presentation debuts in 2018 for Eric and Cherise, titled 'Facing Danger: Public Speaking for Non-Public Speakers' and Eric wrote the concept for this session around Cherise's public speaking career, which launched at CONSTRUCT in Nashville five years ago. You can read more about the CONSTRUCT session here:

The next presention hosted at CONSTRUCT will be the flagship presentation, 'Let's Fix Construction: An Interactive, Problem Solving Workshop'. CONSTRUCT in 2017 hosted an abbreviated version of this workshop, with about 150 attendees in 45 minutes. Being given twice the amount of time in 2018, many interesting conversations will be held about hot-button issues in the industry, and given the opportunity to talk to other disciplines outside of the contract, open conversations are typically held and enjoyed.

In this year's Luncheon session is the 'Archispeak Interactive Luncheon: Real Talk About Challenges, Opportunities & Innovations Surrounding AEC Teams' hosted by Evan Troxel, Neal Pann, and Cormac Phalen. Cherise met Evan, Neal and Cormac through Twitter a handful of years ago and as a member of the CONSTRUCT Education Advisory Council, Cherise offered their name to speak at CONSTRUCT. You can check out their podcast at and more on the session at

Cherise hosts the fourth annual Young Professionals Program on Wednesday, October 3rd, which was built for those 35 and under to provide the attendees with the training, networking, mentoring, and education that they need to boost their careers to the next level. The core session of YP Day is the two hour speed mentoring session where the attendees will meet one on one with leaders in the industry. Each party takes turns to learn more about their career paths, challenges they have overcome, and advice they have for each other. There is still time to attend YP Day at a discounted rate. Check out for more details on the schedule.

The last CONSTRUCT 2018 session that Cherise is involved in is the 'POWER PANEL--Millennials as Successors: Misconceptions & Realities - Hear it from them!' Joined by Michael Riscica (aka Young Architect), Cam Featherstonhaugh, Kyhla Pollard and Tiffany Coppock on stage, Cherise is hoping to dispel some commonly held beliefs about their generation and what they want for the future of the industry. Read more about this panel at

Thursday night, October 4th will be the second annual Partners and Pints event with our friends at Clark Dietrich. We hosted year one at Narragansett's production brewery in Pawtucket, RI and this year we will be taking over Gladstone's at the historic Pike's Pier. FREE to attend, Partners and Pints features food, drinks, games, and giveaways and another chance to hang out with friends new and old. There is still space and still time to register at

Speaking of still time to register, there is still space to attend CONSTRUCT. All new registrants can save 20% on the education package or receive a FREE Expo pass You can use the promo code SMFB06 or visiting here: